One-Stop Licensing

All lyrics, music and original master recordings by F. J. Nascimento — exclusive owner of copyright (bundle of rights).
Do not hesitate to contact me for licensing pricing and if you have special wishes concerning the given material and/or if you need original custom songs, cues and music for your project or your production.


Your time is precious and reels provide a quick listening experience. Enjoy!
The reels contain about 20 seconds of each track in the genre or style.

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FJN Music

Musical Advantages

  • Custom composition and songwriting in various styles
  • Custom changes at short notice
  • Instrumental and/or alt versions available 
  • Composed intros and outros (no fades)
  • Film scoring (score to picture)
  • Custom jingle writing (Radio / TV)
  • Voice Over (in English and German)

Technical Convenience

  • Broadcast ready
  • Editor-friendly
  • All common formats available:
    • WAV 16 bit / 44.1 kHz and MP3 320 kbps ready
    • WAV 24 bit / 48 kHz and more on request (within 24h)
  • Embedded metadata
  • Easy File Exchange:
    • FTP
    • WeTransfer


Synchronization licenses and master recording licenses can be cleared through me directly.
New customers receive these free of charge.